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With its Flagship Brand "NAFIS", the company has also launched DAIVIK and DILSHAN catering to different segments. While with NAFIS Basmati Rice - RH Agro attempts to mark its international presence, there are other basmati rice varieties in the list to meet both domestic as well as foreign market. Each assortment comes with distinct smell, texture and taste. RH Agro has been successfully managing its premium quality basmati rice production and ensures COT3 guarantee (Consistency of Taste, Texture and Time) Always focussed towards the customer's taste and preferences, R H agro presents some of the choicest variety of Basmati Rice with delectable flavour and aroma. The brands include the complete range of Indian traditional and hybrid long rice (Pusa Basmati, Indian super Basmati, 1121, Sharbati) with facilities completely placed to process these in all forms like white, brown, parboiled and mechanical aged rice.