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The Great comprehend of our Basmati rice is ensue of integrating modern techniques used with the traditional values for processing our valuable rice peddle.

The state-of-art processing plants at R H Agro for rice production have fully automated sophisticated processing procedures for different stages. In these hi-tech milling plants every stage conforms to international standards and stringent guidelines of process control are meticulously adhered to at every stage to ensure uniformity of grains without destroying aroma, taste, texture, nutritional value and other basic quality of grain.

Our machineries are fully automated and has no Human intervention after the paddy's are brought to the mills, therefore we have assurance for quality also we guarantee our customers the flavor and aroma of our Basmati rice.

We have the technology to retain natural aroma during processing we also have special machinery which can sort out glasses, white PVC particles in the white rice in addition to this we have special X-Ray machine that can detect metal through the metalised packing of our rice packets without detecting the metal packets of the rice.