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The popularity of organic food and organic farming across the world has tempted basmati rice producers in India to focus on the production of organic basmati rice. We at R H Agro also produce and export organic basmati rice across the globe.

R H Agro Organic Basmati Rice is produced and processed according to a set "organic" standard, certified by domestic as well as international certification body.

R H Agro, as a customer's durable brand understands the essence of organic farming to maintain ecological principles for a sustainable food production in the days to come.

R H Agro promises to take this organic cultivation to the next level with an aim to enhance the health of agro-eco system. Now a days demand for Organic food grain is increasing, Keeping this aspect in mind we are increasing the production of Organic rice to meet up the the future demand. We grow organic rice in our own fields.