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As basmati rice is known for its mesmerizing fragrance it has always been our priority to produce quality rice. It is essentially the 'quality' that every rice lover looks for in terms of aromatic flavor and natural taste.

Rice engineers at R H Agro works on various things from storage to milling and packing with the use of diverse technologies and scientific methods, so that each grain meets the set international standard.

At every step from procurement to final packaging we intend to maintain the aroma and maximum length of the grain, ensuring fewer tips breaking for uniformity, and keeping the essence of highest nutrition value with delicious taste With global standard production facilities and ultramodern technologies, R H Agro has been successfully managing its premium quality basmati rice production and ensures COT3 guarantee (Consistency of Taste, Texture and Time). As we own the ultra modern technology we can ensure the customers for best quality basmati rice.